• Looking Past The Click – Non-Unique Conversions – Know Your Data

    The Importance of Non-Unique Conversions  Everyone’s after that unique click. It’s a simple, clear and easily trackable KPI for business owners and advertising firms that really makes it feel like digital advertising is moving the needle. But, advertising isn’t that simple. Though it may feel good to look at all those brand new customers […]

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  • IFM-Non-Unique Conversion Blog - Nov 2020
  • The Flexibility of Google Ads The IFM Way

    The Flexibility of Google Ads – The IFM Way Search drives sales.  Whether it’s a search inspired by billboards, banner ads, podcast placements, if you don’t pop up on the search engine results page when your audience looks for you, your ad isn’t as effective as it COULD and SHOULD be. The flip side […]

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  • Welcome Mathew to the IFM Team!

    Mathew Pust – Digital Campaign Manager / Traffic Appreciator Mathew is our ‘Traffic Appreciator’ – the man who takes all the separate pieces of a digital campaign and fits them together to ensure every ad converts. He likes to dive into those reams of data headfirst, swimming around way in the deep end to create […]

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