The largest producer and supplier of Ammolite in the world, KORITE ships its unique, precious gems and jewelry to shops and businesses around the world. 

Project Overview


KORITE came to us with a desire to expand their online audience and grow their e-commerce. They already had success in the B2B market, but couldn’t get traction with their direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns. As a result, their online shop wasn’t matching its revenue goals.




One of the biggest challenges KORITE was facing is that they did not have the capacity to properly track their marketing. Their previous advertising agency had not put in the work to set up their website or track the ROAS, and as a result, they were not equipped to understand what had worked and what had failed.
  • Analytics was not set up to meet their needs
  • Audience building didn’t exist
  • Google Ads were not optimized
  • Social media campaigns were not converting properly
  • Foundational issues with their website
  • Google Merchant was not set up properly

Our Strategy

First, we dealt with the software issues that kept them from properly tracking their ROAS. Then, we identified KORITE’s main KPIs and built a marketing strategy to help them get there. Once we implemented the changes, we tracked the efficacy of each so we could iterate and increase performance.

Digital Advertising

Streamline Google Ads & social media campaigns by defining unique audiences and building campaigns to encourage online shopping.

Online Positioning

Optimize Google Ads by adjusting bidding towards top-performing language to increase high-value impressions and top-of-mind awareness.

Marketing Strategy

Create a set of metrics based on KORITES goals and institute tracking to ensure each is met on a weekly and monthly basis.

100% Results

In 12 of 14 months, we met or exceeded KORITE’s targets to grow reach and brand awareness of their new jewelry lineup. And, we were able to present them with verifiable numbers to back it up, so they knew their ROAS.

Revenue + Success

Generated over 7 figures of e-commerce sales in 2021

Campaign Build Out + Optimization

We built out audiences based on products viewed along with time on site and purchasing intent. Optimization was around top-performing keywords and bid adjustments for KORITE.

Click to View

Proved high-value sales and provided comprehensive information on unique, high-net-worth purchasers and how to capitalize on that understanding.


Karen Graham Avatar Karen Graham

Trying to navigate the rapidly changing world of marketing, including social media, can be overwhelming; this is especially true for a small business such as mine. I contacted Dave Taylor at infrontmarketing.ca and he provided me with valuable and sound marketing advice based on the scope of my company.

Tom Watts Avatar Tom Watts

We've been working with John and Dave at In Front for quite some time now. What sets them apart is the level of data they use in their marketing campaigns, and the reports they give at the end. We haven't come across another agency that goes as "in depth" as they do, and for that reason we wouldn't be comfortable recommending anyone other than In Front for digital marketing.

Western Living Landscapes Avatar Western Living Landscapes

Western living landscapes uses In Front Marketing for our digital advertising program. They have produced amazing results for us and we are happy to recommend them. They provide us tangible results for our investment and a true understanding of how our ad programs are driving revenue into our business. I struggled to find an agency to work with but they offered me a free consultation and they don't charge me a retainer for service. Their costs are extremely competitive and their service has spoken for itself.