‘The Agency’s Dead’ Part Two

In this section, I'll be exploring how agencies can stay alive in the era of platforms, automation, and freelancers by shifting their business models to focus on evolving customer relationships.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, or gain credibility and followers, each piece of your digital presence should be effective in its sphere.

The 3 key ingredients for an effective digital ad agency

This is part two of a two-part series. If you haven’t read the first part yet, click the link, read the article and come back here for the second installment.

The old ad agency is out of touch and expensive, caught up in a world of passive advertising campaigns with no identifiable impact. And it’s these stumbling old agencies that have created a void where a jungle of freelancers have jumped in to fill, but with varying results.

The gamble of an open, online marketplace

In the new world of advertising, freelancer’s portfolios can be exaggerated, testimonials outright faked and overseas freelancers are far enough away that repercussions from a bad job feel very distant.

Because of this volatility, online marketplaces like Upwork, Fiver and the like, are a gamble for business owners. They’re a kind of talent roulette table where fortunes are made or lost based on a freelancer’s profile. This is why reaching blindly into the void to find a creative team is not a great or sustainable solution for anyone – freelancers included.

Finding the middle ground

So if the old agency is too much of a dinosaur, and the freelance casino is too unstable, then what’s the solution? Finding the middle ground that moves with technology, while offering stable, quality work. Somewhere between the old, moribund ad agency, and the chaos of the freelance marketplace, the new digital agency is leveraging cutting edge technologies and trusted freelancers to create a manoeuvrable marketing team.

The 3 key ingredients for an effective digital ad agency:

  1. Numbers – digital campaigns should always have a demonstrable return on investment.
  2. Nimble – digital agencies should have the ability to tweak campaigns to ensure efficacy.
  3. Niche – with a plethora of freelancers available, digital agencies should be able to find a trusted, professional freelancer that specializes in your needs.

Numbers dictate the value of your ad campaign

The first and most important aspect of any new, digital media agency are the numbers. How many people saw your ad? Who clicked? Who landed on your site? How many conversions did you get from your last Facebook campaign? Traditional agencies, with their expensive ad campaigns in magazines, or radio advertising, cannot accurately track their numbers.

Tracking the numbers is crucial to your marketing investment

But accurate numbers are the only way to really gauge whether your marketing is worth the money you’re investing into it. Value in digital marketing is not about how much, or little, you spend, but rather how much, or little you make.

That’s why searching for the cheapest ad writer or strategist online doesn’t offer your company value. If you pay $100 dollars for a social media ad campaign and make a sale of $100, your campaign added nothing to your business and probably leached out time that could have been better used almost anywhere else. However, if you pay $10,000 for an ad campaign and make $15,000 in sales, the value of the campaign is obvious. But without the numbers, discerning that value is almost impossible.

In Front Marketing tracks all the numbers

With the right digital media company, however, you can see the results of each campaign and determine the one that will offer the most value to your business. When you find the most valuable method of advertising by parsing the numbers, you can start to scale your advertising in a way that will increase your profit and help your business grow exponentially.

Learn more about In Front Marketing’s number tracking.

Staying nimble sharpens your ad campaign

Once you start a traditional advertising campaign you’re locked in for the duration. The images have been compiled, the copywriting placed in magazines, voice-overs on the radio, and nothing can be changed. But if the campaign falls flat, there’s nothing for it but to continue and hope something changes.

Under the old model, you worked with an agency carrying an impressive roster of full-time employees, from strategists to designers, photographers to writers. The massive number of employees on payroll made for high overhead, which got passed onto clients as a monthly retainer.

But with a good digital advertising team behind you, each advertising campaign is waiting to be adjusted to perform better. By building a team of digital advertising professionals, you can create advertising campaigns that can be altered in real-time. In this way, no campaign is a flop, it’s simply waiting to be tweaked into an effective configuration.

In Front Marketing creates adaptable, effective ad campaigns

But even better than tweaking an already existing campaign is A/B testing your campaign to ensure that every ad campaign, and every change, creates a more effective ad. The ability to adapt sharpens more than just your advertising campaign. The digital agency makes it possible to change your team depending on your need at the time.

Learn more about In Front Marketing’s A/B Testing and adaptable ad campaigns.

Covering every niche with specialized skills

Every campaign, every ad, and every post your company makes should be designed with a purpose in mind. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, or gain credibility and followers, each piece of your digital presence should be effective in its sphere.

Under the old agency model, businesses worked with generalists or ‘jacks of all trades’ in a variety of disciplines. Whether it was a startup looking to create buzz with a social media campaign, or an established corporation who needed a new website, the agency pulled from the same talent-pool of writers, designers and strategists for every project.

In Front Marketing uses specialists to create excellence

Today, there’s a freelancer specializing in whatever sphere you need to operate in. There are designers who work on creating the perfect visuals to accompany your Facebook ads and copywriters who specialize in writing persuasive case studies for specific industries.

Being able to pull from a massive pool of talent worldwide, allows the new agency model to help their clients create more effective ads, websites, and social media campaigns needed to stay in front of their target market.

Learn more about In Front Marketing’s services.

Finding a solid digital ad agency for your business

With such an ocean of talent readily available, almost anyone can pull together an amazing team with just a few clicks of a mouse. This offers huge opportunities for companies to work with talented creatives to make the most effective advertising campaigns that will convert readers into buyers, and shoppers into loyal customers.

However, finding those creatives, the ones who will work with you, and share in your company’s vision and passion, while delivering high-quality work on time, is no easy task.

At In Front Marketing we anchor the work of high-quality freelancers with a robust, trackable infrastructure that allows us to ensure your advertising dollars reap the highest return on investment possible.

Check out In Front Marketing’s services today and see how we can create a valuable digital ad campaign for you!

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