Employee Showcase, Brie Pettigrew

 Posted by John McColman on September 10, 2020,  

Brie Pettigrew

Our resident advertising expert, Brie’s poised to make a splash here at IFM with her extensive experience in the industry. Her instinct for coming up with creative, eye-catching ads that attract customers is uncanny, and it’s a talent that’s served her well in everything from health & wellness to commercial real estate.

We’ve known Brie for a long time – eight plus years in fact – and she’s been a contractor for five. Because of that great relationship, we’ve always known she’d be a great fit for our team. So, when the stars aligned for her to join, she was happy to come aboard. Brie is excited to be able to offer her clients a diverse array of products and services with the support of the IFM team, and to be able to work in our new 17th Ave office.

“I LOVE our office and more importantly, I love the culture and the people. And the location is pretty unbeatable!”

When she’s not in the office, Brie makes a beeline for the city limits in her Toyota Tacoma to go snowboarding or camping (weather-depending) or to just hit the road and see where it takes her.


  • Nine years in the advertising field 
  • Worked with brands in industries such as: health & wellness, legal, construction, commercial real estate, automotive and retail

Specialties: advertising, marketing, digital media, strategic planning, project management, client relations, presentations, media, publishing, new media, website strategist, media buying, networking.

Learn More About Brie https://www.linkedin.com/in/brie-pettigrew/  Or contact her today!