Google Ads: A Good Way to Calculate New Product Demand

August 31, 2022 Google Ads
Before launching a new product, use Google Ads to test demand - and get feedback from potential customers.

Getting Google Ads services is a great way to test demand for a new product. By targeting a relevant audience and using relevant keywords, you can get a good idea of whether people are interested in what you have to offer.

If you’re considering launching a new product, testing demand before making a big investment is important. Google Ads services in Calgary can be a great way to do this. 

By running a short, targeted ad campaign, you can get an idea of how much interest there is in your product and whether it’s worth pursuing.

Failure to properly test demand is one of the main hazards that small business owners and start-ups encounter when creating a new product or service. 

Even if you believe your product will be simple to sell, launching it without sufficient testing puts you in danger of finding no customers.

Spending a small amount of money upfront on marketing to ascertain whether you are meeting a need is a great approach to decrease your risk by using Google to evaluate online demand for your product. 

This article will examine how you can test the online demand for your goods and services using your AdWords account. 

What Is Google AdWords?

In a nutshell, AdWords refers to the small advertisements that surround and are displayed above Google’s organic search results. When posting these ads, you will choose the keywords, the ad wording, and the cost per click. 

Marketers frequently use AdWords to promote products or services already on the market. For instance, utilize AdWords to direct prospective customers to my website, where you offer training and account management services.

Google Ads allows businesses to increase website traffic by matching a user’s search query with relevant, user-targeted adverts. This is how Google makes money and is quite good at it.

You can easily determine if there is a market for your new product or service because so many people use Google to search for information and items. This is distinct from passively disseminating information to consumers via social media or other channels while they are presumably not actively seeking out or making a purchase. 

How to Calculate the Demand for a Product

Create a routine advertising campaign in your Google Ads account.

Select keyword phrases that customers might use to find the product or service you’re testing on search engines. Try out several strategies and elements to draw in any potential searchers. 

For your advertising, create text. Emphasize the advantages of your new product. Declare your product’s main advantage while stressing the customer’s benefits. Even if a potential visitor would be interested in visiting your website, poorly written adverts could skew the results.

Be Specific When Describing Your Area

Run advertisements only while the product or service is still available. If you don’t confine the campaign to a local or regional area, your results may be misinterpreted, and the degree of demand may be exaggerated.

Create a Budget

Comprehensive testing must be feasible. You must decide on your daily spending limit and how much you will spend every click. You risk using up your test money too quickly if you don’t set things up correctly.

Publish a Landing Page

Create a page with information about your product since it won’t be available for purchase. Use it to collect email addresses from prospective consumers if one is available. Give them a reason to sign up simultaneously; early updates, early access, or sneak peeks at your product are all excellent inducements.

Look at the Results

You will know that there is a market and need for the product or service you are developing if you observe a constant stream of traffic in response to your advertisements. When you’re ready to launch, try to gather email addresses so you may contact these potential clients.

On the other hand, if no one responds to your marketing, you can conclude that the difficulty in attracting customers outweighs the potential for your product. 

If online marketing isn’t assisting you in determining demand at the moment, likely, it won’t be after the product is made available. Do some keyword research and change your advertising.


Getting Google Ads services is a great way to test demand for a new product. By targeting a relevant audience and using relevant keywords, you can get a good idea of whether people are interested in what you have to offer. If you see a lot of clicks and conversions, you know you have a winner on your hands. If not, then you can try tweaking your approach and testing again.

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