Myths Busted: Debunking the Most Common Google Ads Myths

Learn how to make more money from Google Ads by debunking the top six myths.

If you are looking for a reliable social media marketing agency that provides Google Ads services in Calgary, AB, look no further than our expertise here at In Front Marketing.

The world of Google Ads can be very perplexing as there are a variety of ad possibilities, some of which even seem promising in theory but are awful in practice.

The thing is, many myths about Google Ads deter companies from using this effective marketing tool, despite the benefits it offers. This is where your In Front Marketing team comes in for the win, as we can assist your business with AdWord campaigns.

We take the strategy for your business, implement the frameworks into our process for Google AdWords – the result is getting your Company In Front of potential customers, at the exact moment the user is searching for a business just like your’s. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

In order to help you make the best choice possible for your Google Ads campaigns moving ahead, this post will debunk some popular Google Ads fallacies.

Below are just a few of the common examples.

1. They Are Expensive

Naturally, marketing is difficult work in any scenario. Although getting a return on your investment is scary, you can be sure that it will still happen if your account is set up properly. Even on a small budget, Google Ads allows you to reach more potential clients interested in your product or service.

It’s affordable, to put it simply. It can even be considered an excellent deal. It is one of the most economical marketing strategies you can employ to reach a wide audience. 

You may save time and money on each campaign by using Google Ads to support all of your marketing initiatives. And you just pay when someone clicks on your advertisements or makes a purchase; you don’t have to pay for it in advance. In short, no resources would be wasted.

Pairing a great strategy is key to acquiring the best ROI for your budget. If you are unsure of where to start, reach out to one of our team members for a client discovery today. Reaching $54.5 billion in worldwide revenue, Google AdWords proves to come as a strong contender to use in your strategy. 

2. They Will Do All the Hard Work for You

It’s not always a good idea to fully entrust the creation and management of your ads to Google. That said, your advertising efforts will function smoothly and effectively if you have total control over them, utilizing Google efficiently.

Having control gives you the flexibility to include, update, and make any necessary adjustments anytime you need to. You may always ensure that your ads are shown in a way that will attract the most potential clients’ attention or sales. Our team optimizes accounts based on data, as this is not a cookie cutter solution. Many variables contribute to the success of campaigns so understanding the following is key:

  • Locations 
  • Keywords 
  • Content 
  • Digital Assets 
  • Bid Strategy
bid strategy

On the other hand, there is a chance that your advertisements won’t be optimized for the best performance if you let Google handle them all for you. We approach all campaigns with growth, revenue and optimizations in our marketing direction. 

3. They Do Not Work at All

This is just a common assumption and is among the least accurate. Because of their high efficiency, Google Ads have been dubbed “the best return on investment internationally.”

The truth is that 90% of consumers feel Google advertising has an impact on their shopping decisions, according to WebFx. The average conversion rate for a local firm utilizing AdWords, according to AdEspresso, is 1.6%. In other words, you make 16 sales for every 100 people that click on your advertisement.

People’s lack of a good approach is the key trigger of why they believe Google Ads are ineffective. Without a strategy, you are simply throwing money at an advertisement with no clear aim. With the right campaign and strategy in place, your business will work to maximize the benefits of your account and further your development.

4. Your Budget May Be Too Small to Have Any Impact

When using Google Ads, you must ensure that you’re visible to as many potential clients as possible. You can do this, even with the tiniest of budgets. Remember that you only pay for Google Ads when a user clicks your advertisement. Simply ensure that the right target market is able to see and click on it.

There is no minimum spending requirement for Google Ads marketing. By targeting users looking for their preferred product or service, a business can still impact its ads, even if it is just getting started or has a small budget.


There are many myths about Google Ads that prevent businesses from using this powerful tool to its fullest potential. However, as this article has shown, many of these myths are unfounded. Google Ads can be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience and grow your business, as long as you understand how to utilize it correctly.

If you are looking for a reliable social media marketing agency that provides Google Ads services in Calgary, AB, look no further than our expertise here at In Front Marketing. We are a results-driven Calgary advertising agency that is centred around clarity, confidence, and client satisfaction. Call us today, and let us help handle all your social marketing tasks in no time!

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