Backyard Meats

A Calgary start-up that supplies direct-to-consumer meat and meat products, Backyard Meats sells top-quality products sourced from local, southern Albertan farms.

Project Overview


When they came to us, Backyards Meats was a small brand with promising potential. They wanted to move on to a new level of marketing that would capitalize on their potential to increase growth and local brand awareness.

Without a strong digital advertising presence, the brand had reached an artificial ceiling in sales. Their initial marketing plan relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth, including social sharing and influencers, to drive their growth. And, as a new brand, they didn’t have a huge budget to fund marketing efforts.


  • Lack of understanding about digital marketing
  • Reliance on organic sales constrained growth 
  • Ineffective messaging/creative and marketing SAAS set up
  • Limited budget

Our Strategy

Our first step to getting Backyard Meats on track to meet their goals was to educate them on digital marketing. We walked them through the basics of return on ad spend and showed how they could grow with a limited budget. Then, we built a robust marketing system to find their audience and held monthly meetings to show them how much income each marketing dollar was bringing in.

Content + Marketing Creation

Refined sales messaging and content and campaigns to better focus on specific products

Funnel Optimization

Increase digital advertising to drive sales through search, display & social ads.

Refine software utilization

Setup SAAS software, including ensuring Shopify communications with Merchant, Google, Social, MailChimp

100% Results

Through our relationship building and demonstration of a high return on ad spend, Backyard Meats has been able to increase their marketing budget for more consistent marketing month over month so they can drive more traffic and sales online.

28% increase in revenue

Over $350,000 e-commerce revenue in 2021 (since March 8, 2021)

Drove e-commerce purchases

Over 25% of e-commerce transactions from advertising, with 3.4% from Google Ads

Increased website traffic

Over 50% of website traffic came from advertising campaigns.


Bill Attwood Avatar Bill Attwood

InFront showed us a revolutionary way to drive relevant traffic to our website. Since our campaign started about 1 week ago we've seen a noticeable increase to the volume of calls from new clients!

Western Living Landscapes Avatar Western Living Landscapes

Western living landscapes uses In Front Marketing for our digital advertising program. They have produced amazing results for us and we are happy to recommend them. They provide us tangible results for our investment and a true understanding of how our ad programs are driving revenue into our business. I struggled to find an agency to work with but they offered me a free consultation and they don't charge me a retainer for service. Their costs are extremely competitive and their service has spoken for itself.

Carly Hauck Avatar Carly Hauck

Dave Taylor is very knowledgeable and thinks outside of the box for online advertising. In Front Marketing offers a clear data for all ad campains, ROI and easy to deal with!