The Checker Group

Operating for 45 years in Calgary, The Checker Group offers a variety of driving services from limousine service to hotshots in the city of Calgary.

Project Overview

A legacy taxi company, The Checker Group was having a hard time competing with new rideshare apps. They needed a marketing team that could help them regain market share in the growing digital marketplace.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Strategy



When we started working with the Checker Group, they were apprehensive about spending as their previous, partner agencies had overcharged and under-delivered. In an effort to compete with ridesharing companies, they had invested heavily in creating an app, but overcomplicated campaigns with no demonstration of ROAS had left them without forward momentum
  • Lack of trust based on previous experiences
  • No tracking to measure ROAS
  • Overly complicated campaigns with limited returns
  • Lack of brand awareness

As public awareness moved from taxis to apps like UBER and Lyft, The Checker Group needed to re-evaluate their brand and ensure all advertising made a real impact in the marketplace.

Our Strategy

The first step to increasing market share for The Checker Group was to grow the Checker brand to compete against rideshare apps that benefit from a greater cultural cachet. To do that, we designed a marketing campaign and creative to stay top of mind, increase downloads of the company’s app, and also capitalize on high usage times, i.e. monthly holidays, to increase calls.

Creative Branding

Increase top of mind awareness in a crowded marketplace through better use of creative

Google Ads

Drive traffic to the app download to increase buy in and bring the company inline with modern usage

Marketing Strategy

Identify high-usage times and target ads to potential customers to increase usage

100% Results

Through more effective marketing practices, we were able to increase app downloads along with more traditional business at a reasonable price, while offering clear tracking that demonstrated ROAS.


Cost per conversion <$0.80 cents

Effective Google Search Campaign

Nearly 20% click-through rate

Click to View
2.17 Million Impressions + over 50,000 Calls

Effective targeting found the right market.


Andrew Peloso Avatar Andrew Peloso

The team at In Front Marketing consistently goes above and beyond my expectations for ad and analytic projects. To date, I have 100 percent confidence sending my friends and colleagues over to this team for anything marketing. They deliver big results with a truly human approach.Great work In Front! Cheers to you, and many more incredible projects.

greg T (the Image Stop) Avatar greg T (the Image Stop)

When it comes to internet marketing and getting people to your website these guys are the best and totally know their stuff.

Bart Sindrewicz Avatar Bart Sindrewicz

Before coming to see infront marketing i was completely lost and did not know the direction i should go with advertising my business. After booking an appointment and sitting down with Dave he really explained everything to me and put me on the right track. After the meeting he sent me a very long follow up email (the same day!) breaking down everything. Super impressed with this company and Dave!