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In Front Marketing is a Calgary owned Digital Marketing and Strategic Advertising Agency.

We specialize in Online Advertising using Programmatic Display, Consumer Location, Consumer Behavior & Content Engagement.

Join us for a Strategic Marketing Consultation to better understand what Online Advertising options are available and what can work for your business.

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About Us

The Strategy

Our Approach

We work directly with you, understanding your wants and needs as a business or organization.  We ensure that we deliver the best possible results in an easy to understand way.

We want to educate you and your organization on all facets of the digital world to ensure you can make informed decisions and be confident in the fast paced digital world and the methods of advertising we’re using.

Whether you’re new to digital media and want to get started with it, or are wanting to get an experienced fresh take on your current campaigns, we’re here to help.  If you want to understand how to achieve a higher return on your investment, In Front Marketing is here to help.

Display Advertising

Digital Display banners have been around since 1994-1995 but that doesn’t mean they have lost their effectiveness.  Actually, the technology that is delivering them has grown smarter over time.

Thankfully with new technology it has received a serious upgrade on capabilities.  From behavioral targeting, content targeting, geo targeting and re-marketing, display advertising is fundamental to every digital advertising campaign that runs.

These ads not only deliver ‘top of mind awareness’ they help add performance to all other digital products you may be running.  This includes your website traffic, search advertising, social media or content.  Display advertising is the backbone to attracting a new and unique audience for your business.

Studies over the years have shown digital advertising to not only affect your brands digital footprint, but also your traditional media footprint.  What we see on our screens also translates to the real world.

At In Front Marketing, we take the guess work out of the digital world.  We work with you selecting the right audience and deliver your message directly to current and potential clientele.

In Front Marketing uses research and analytics to target someones behavior online.  We then place an ad on a website where they’re visiting and spending time on.

This targeting allows us to increase your return on investment (ROI) by delivering the right message in the right content and the right time.

We also believe in transparency for every client.  This means we will show you all of the data to ensure your advertising dollars are being spent on advertising.  No retainers.  Every dollar goes into advertising.

Behavioral Targeting

Do you ever wish you could deliver your advertising to an exact audience?

It’s not science fiction, it’s a reality with today’s technology.  With Behavioral Targeting (also known as audience targeting) we are able to work with you, your analytics and understand your potential audience.  We will then target ads to this audience to ensure a higher return on your investment.

If you’re looking for online shoppers – we have the ability to target these people based on their behaviors online.
Are you after automotive shoppers?  Again, the potential automotive shoppers online have behaviors that are separate from others.

The technology In Front Marketing uses optimizes campaigns and allows us to constantly monitor live campaigns and adjust advertising campaigns in real-time.  This ensures your messaging is seen by the right audience giving you the performance and traffic you’re after.

There are 1,000’s of behaviors we can target, the best start to this is Reach Out and chat with us.  Let’s have a discussion about who your audience is and how to best deliver your message to a the right audience.

Content Targeting

Similar to Behavioral Targeting, content targeting uses the content (what you’re reading) on a website to target your digital message.

In Front Marketing’s technology allows us to target thousands of websites.

Interested in placing your ad in front of potential viewers that read sports articles?  No issue, we have options for sport readers (TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN).  We understand that ‘sports’ is a vague target, so how about hockey content?  Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse and on and on.

Maybe you’re after home renovations, electrical, plumbing.  We can get your message in front of people that are researching this information to ensure your ads perform.

There are hundreds and thousands of different types of content we can target.  Your audience will show us what content to target.

Display Advertising, Audience and Content targeting are all a part of the awareness phase of digital advertising.

So, now that we have delivered your messaging in front of hundreds and thousands of people, what’s next?  They know what you’re saying, but how do we get them to build trust in your brand?

We will discuss Content Creation and how important it is with today’s ‘digital shopper’ and why it matters for your brand and how In Front Marketing can help you.

Content Creation

Content Creation is when an organization creates content for businesses or when you create content for your own business.

This content could explain a product or service you offer, it could bring value to your business in terms of branding / awareness or it could be a sales driven message (also known as advertorial).

Search Engines (Google, Bing) love real, original content created by people.  Real content (either created by you or created by someone else for your business) should be purpose driven and reviewed by a copywriter for accuracy, punctuation and relevance.

Most organizations that offer to write content have you pay for the content to be created but host it on their website.  Although this will have a positive impact on your business, it only grows their own site traffic.

We at In Front Marketing question this tactic.  If you pay for content to be created on your behalf, shouldn’t you own this content?  We believe so.

Research has shown that content not only engages potential buyers, but it pushes them into the final buying cycle (know as conversion).  This content also has tremendous value when it comes to brand trust and awareness.  This is why the content you pay for must live on your site.  It has to represent your brand, messaging and have direct call to action.

When we work with your business we help devise a content delivery plan.  We work with you to strategize the content and delivery tactics to ensure you’re not only educating your potential clients, but the content is being delivered to the right audience.

We work with you to build an advertising plan around the content creation and attract people back to your website, extending the reach of your content and show you the value behind Content Creation.

Content Advertising

We’ve helped you create content or you have created the content.  It tells a story, it follows a theme, it sells a product or maybe it educates people on your local business.

People who are familiar with your brand and products are going to read this content.  They understand your website and brand.  We build further trust with them and teach them something they don’t know about you, the brand or the business.

If they don’t learn something new, we reaffirm their positive thoughts and opinions of your brand.

But what about people that have similar interests to your current customer base?  Maybe they haven’t heard of your brand.  We know they would find value in your content and your brand.  This is where we can take your content creation to the next level.

Similar to behavioral targeting and content targeting, we have the ability to deliver this fresh, new, exciting content into the hands of new potential clientele for your business.  Using content advertising we entice readers to read your content based on their personalities, browsing data, history online and behaviors.

This tactic called Content Advertising (also know in the industry as Native Advertising) will ensure that we’re reaching current and new clientele for your business.  They will read this content on your website, they educate themselves on the brand and make the decision to purchase from you.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is currently the most popular form of digital advertising.  SEM, known also as Pay Per Click (PPC), sometimes referred to as Google Ad Words is turning 18 this year!  Can you believe it’s been around since 2000?

This doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.  Quite the contrary.  It is one of the most effective way to convert potential buyers online or push them to call and visit the store.

Did you know that SEM has a majority of benefits besides purchase intent?  We want to explain to you why it should be a part of your day to day digital advertising so we will list off a few reasons.

1) Adwords is scalable, measurable and flexible.  We can help you work with almost any budget and working with In Front Marketing will show you the results!

2) Adwords is more effective than SEO at time.  It gives you the ability to pay to be seen unlike SEO which can take time to develop content and trust with Google, climbing the ranks organically.

3) 70% of mobile searches call businesses directly (Source).  We are living in a mobile world and we at In Front Marketing want to help your customers reach you.  Whether it’s clicking to call, getting directions or just visiting your website.

With an integrated campaign that includes Digital Display Advertising & Search Engine Marketing we can show you behaviors, conversions and adjust campaigns in real-time.  We can sit with you and discuss goals, outcomes and expectations.  SEM will drive purchase intent but are you getting the one on one, hands on support you and your business requires?

In Front Marketing is there for you and your business.

New to SEM?  Don’t worry, we will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have too.  Experienced in SEM?  Let us free up your time by managing and integrating your campaigns to show overall ROI.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is an everyday practice.  It includes content creation, posting, commenting, following and replying to your followers, customers and potential buyers.

With our ability to connect anywhere, anytime we reach out to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, etc to stay connected to our friends and families.

According to Canadian’s Internet Business website here is the most recent breakdown of penetration by Social Media platform as of 2016.

In most cases people value business referrals and reviews from Social Media.

Why is Social Media important for you business and how we can help you manage this?

Social Media gives you the ability to reach out and converse with your buyers before they ever come to the store.  It’s a vehicle to have a personality online and a way to connect with individuals.

The right campaigns, with the right messaging can help significantly drive positive brand awareness for your business.

Talk to us today about ensuring you’re capitalizing on your Social Platforms.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or SnapChat, we have the right ideas to get you in front of a growing audience.

In Front Marketing targets your business to a specific postal code up to a city, province or country through multiple social media networks ensuring your business is top of mind.

The Value

At In Front Marketing, we want to provide value by showing you, educating you, and providing you clear ROI.

Meet Our Team

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Dave Taylor
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John McColman
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