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Clear, Results-Driven Marketing without the Retainer

Digital marketing doesn’t have to feel like wrestling with a cloud. Every advertisement in the digital realm has tangible, measurable results and you have the right to see what your money is doing.

In Front Marketing, is a Calgary-owned agency providing clarity for your digital marketing campaign. This includes educating our customers by giving them:

  • Clear numbers
  • A transparent process
  • An explicit, attainable ROI

We achieve this through hyper-targeted ads that produce a consistent, repeatable, and trackable ROI for our clients, without relying on retainers. 

Join us for a strategic marketing consultation to better understand what online advertising options are available, and what will work for your business.

Be Bold. Be Strategic, Be In Front.

About Us

The Strategy

Our Approach

There are too many ad agencies out there charging high retainer fees without showing their clients any real-world results. With today’s technology, that kind of hazy ROI is inexcusable.

At In Front Marketing, we work with you to create a clear path forward to a trackable, repeatable return on investment. At the centre of each of our digital marketing campaigns are three principals:

  • Transparency – We are dedicated to keeping the process clear so that you understand what we can do for your business.
  • Education – We work with you, not behind your back, to make sure you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it will benefit your business.
  • Results – We don’t hide behind jargon and techno-babble. We are dedicated to showing you exactly how we help your business find new markets and new clients.

Strip away the technology and the jargon and digital marketing is simple: putting your business in front of people who want your product. Keep your marketing simple and clear with In Front Marketing.

Display Advertising

Digital Display banners were once the billboards of the internet – a lot of traffic but not much interest. Today’s technology allows us to track the value of each ad, and perfect its message and strategic placement for your audience.

The backbone for attracting a new and unique audience for your business, effective display advertising and remarketing delivers:

  • Top of mind awareness for prospective clients
  • Added performance to all other digital products, including your website traffic, search advertising, social media and other content
  • Added performance to your traditional media footprint

We use research and analytics to target prospective clients for your business online, then place an ad wherever they are. This targeting allows us to increase your return on investment (ROI) by delivering the right message in the right place, at the right time.

Behavioral Targeting

Proper targeting of ads, like display ads, requires a lot of data, and the ability to read and sort through it all in order to create a clear path forward to the right audience. Finding that audience, the one that is ready and willing to buy, is key to creating an effective digital marketing campaign.

With behavioural targeting and custom audience targeting, we are able to create custom audiences built specifically for your business using your analytics. Then, we can place your messaging in front of them, wherever they are on the internet. This allows us to:

  • Continuously optimize your campaign
  • Bring your ads to an audience that is primed to engage with your ad
  • Maintain top of mind awareness in your audience

By listening to your audience and using our technology, which allows us to target thousands of websites, we can find the content and behaviours that give your digital marketing advertisement a clear road to success.

Content Targeting

Whatever your specialty, there’s a niche of content and content creators out there that industry leaders and buyers are following. By finding that content and those creators, along with placing your ads on their sites, you will find a primed audience who is receptive and ready to buy.

We can target thousands of websites and endless content. That gives you access to a variety of engaged audiences and content to choose from.

This includes:

  • Broad category types, such as sports and real estate websites
  • Niche content, from basketball and hockey to real estate articles

Whether you know your audience well, or need help tracking and finding where they go, we can help. By utilizing tracking pixel technology, we can let your audience show us where to put your ads.

By placing your ads in front of the right audiences, we drive awareness of your brand to your most receptive audiences.

Content Creation

Effective advertising brings clients to your website, but unless there’s content to engage with, those not ready to make an immediate purchase will continue past without a single thought.

To avoid wasting all the effort you invest into your digital advertising campaign, effective content is required. We help clients create engaging content, like blogs, website copy, and even videos. With good content, your website will:

  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Build brand trust and awareness
  • Engage website visitors
  • Convert visitors to buyers
  • Increase SEO

We work with you to build an advertising plan around the content that attracts customers to your website, extends the reach of your content and shows you the value behind content creation.

Content Advertising

Too much effective content is just waiting on websites for traffic to stumble through. With content advertising, we leverage the power of well-written content by delivering it to your audience.

In Content Advertising (also known in the industry as Native Advertising), we utilize many of the same targeting tools as we do for display targeting to direct a receptive audience to whatever content you have that is most pertinent to them. Using this technique, we bring your content to the next level by:

  • Reaching new audiences with useful content
  • Engaging viewers with relevant, trustworthy content
  • Educating prospective clients about your brand
  • Guiding clients from viewer to buyer

There’s no reason the great content you’ve created should only be seen by people who are browsing your website. Unleash the power of your content with content targeting.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords) is the most popular form of digital advertising because the results are immediate and obvious.

SEM is:

  • Scalable, measurable and flexible – This allows us to demonstrate results no matter the budget. 
  • More effective than SEO in some cases –  Unlike SEO, which can take time to develop, Adwords works immediately.
  • Effective at converting mobile visitors – 70% of mobile searches call businesses directly which means mobile searchers who see your Adword are more likely to call or visit your store, giving you an effective touch point.

Google alone process over 40,000 search queries every second – that’s a lot of traffic. With proper search engine marketing, you can utilize these powerhouse websites to put your business at the top of search results for people who are most likely to buy your product. If your website content is properly optimized, the resulting increase in traffic offers a trackable return on investment that is hard to beat.

Social Media Management

Too many business owners ignore the power of social media marketing due to a lack of understanding, or a lack of resources required to deal with the constant demand for new content and interaction.

At In Front Marketing, we use data and analytics to target your social media, leaving you free to do what you do best – run your business.

By investing in a strong social media strategy it will:

  • Connect you with your target audience
  • Drive positive brand awareness
  • Keep your brand top of mind

In Front Marketing matches your business to a specific postal code, city, province or country through multiple social media networks to ensure your social media is optimized to ensure a consistent, trackable ROI.

Digital Radio

As listeners switch from traditional radio to digital formats, companies relying on the local FM radio station are losing listeners but paying the same sky-high prices. Unfortunately, that means each dollar you throw into producing these expensive commercials is burdened with a sinking ROI.

The good news is, we can still turn that money you’ve already spent on Digital Radio, and increase the ROI with very little extra investment. At In Front Marketing, we can take those under-utilized ads and strategically place them where your target audience is listening – digital radio and podcast channels. And even better news – many of the most popular digital radio channels boast free services paid for by advertisers.

We place ads on:

  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • iHeart Radio
  • Podcasts
  • and more..

Unlike with traditional media, In Front Marketing employs a variety of targeting tools to ensure your ads are finding the right ears with captivating content.

Connected TVs

From games to apps and streaming, TV is adapting to the demands of modern viewers. Many smart TVs today include a variety of apps along with web browsers users can access for free.

By harnessing these new abilities, and a variety of targeting software, In Front Marketing delivers your ads directly to viewers, no matter how they choose to use their television.

Connected TVs allow you to access:

    • A larger audience, as most CTV users enjoy media with their friends or family.
    • Higher-quality advertising that large screens and surround sound systems offer, which leads to higher completion rates among audiences.
    • Targeting and metrics that go far beyond what any traditional TV advertising can achieve.



By keeping in front of technology, we can place your ads right where you need them – in the living rooms of your target market.

Digital Out Of Home

Digital Out Of Home Marketing (or DOOH) widens the net of your marketing, allowing you to leverage captive markets, or seek out customers that your digital strategy might have missed.

By utilizing eye-catching digital billboards and screens in public places, DOOH is increasing the efficacy of out of home advertising.

DOOH can catch your customer’s attention in:

  • Shopping malls
  • Theatres and arenas
  • Airports
  • Waiting rooms
  • Major roadways
  • Restaurants, pubs and coffee shops

At In Front Marketing, we work with you to find the right space for your DOOH marketing to ensure your marketing dollars are working for you. Then we craft compelling ads that capture attention and drive prospective customers to you.

Text Advertising

Nothing is closer to a customer than their cell phone. While direct calling can be off-putting for clients and time-intensive for businesses, mass texting campaigns offer a less invasive method of directly advertising to current and future customers.

In Front Marketing, utilizes engaging text message marketing that can increase customer retention, and draw in your target market, Keyword texting allows you to offer interactive keyword campaigns that open lines of communication with your customer.

Mass texting is:

    • Scalable – We work with you to create a custom campaign that is manoeuvrable and scalable for your audience.
    • Trackable – Using our tracking technology, we can follow who opens your texts, and who interacts with each to improve targeting methods.

With mass texting and keyword campaigns, you can directly interact with your customers, by sending out promotions, discounts, updates or notifications. With a well-designed campaign and proper tracking, mass texting can increase the ROI of your campaign.

The Value

Advertising doesn’t have to be a hazy, confusing process with no defined end result. With In Front Marketing, you get a well-defined path with trackable, repeatable benefits.

Discover the ROI of working with a transparent marketing agency.

  • Working with us

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Meet Our Team

Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor
Owner / Commander of Calls
John McColman
John McColman
Owner / Governor of Screens
Brie Pettigrew
Brie Pettigrew
Media Director / Conversion Alchemist
Tarila Uti
Tarila Uti
Social Media Maven
Mathew Pust
Mathew Pust
Traffic Appreciator
Abby Dog
Abby Dog
Head of Security
Welcoming Committee

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