Setting the Board for Success

At In Front Marketing, we liken our onboarding process to setting up a chessboard. Each piece plays a crucial role, and we need your collaboration to position ourselves for a successful partnership strategically. Let’s begin by setting up your pieces on the board.

Keep your marketing simple and clear with In Front Marketing.

Make The First Move

Digital Analytics & Tools

Your digital presence is our playing field. Granting us access to these tools is like positioning your pawns and rooks, establishing a strong foundation for our strategy.

  • Google Analytics 4

    • Administrator
  • Google Search Console

    • Owner
  • Google My Business

    • Owner
  • Google Tag Manager

    • Administrator
    • Publish

Ads & Social Accounts

These accounts are our queens, versatile and powerful, crucial for dominating the digital marketing battlefield.
  • Google AdWords

    • Provide Google Ads CID
  • Meta Business Manager

    • Grant Full Control
  • Social Profiles

    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok

These are additional pieces in our arsenal, helping us to create a cohesive and comprehensive digital presence.

Start Your Ads Today

SEO, Website Hosting & Maintenance

Your website is our king, the most important piece on the board. Full access allows us to protect and enhance this vital asset.
  • Website

    • CMS Access
    • Domain
    • Hosting

Grant us backend access to ensure your website's optimum performance and security.

Start Your Search Now

Branding Materials

  • Brand Guide

  • Logos

  • Style Guide

  • Images

  • Other Business Assets

Joining Forces on the Chessboard of Digital Marketing

As you complete these steps, you're not just setting up a chessboard; you're embarking on a journey of growth, innovation, and success with In Front Marketing. We're here to guide and support you, ensuring every move counts towards achieving your business goals. Welcome to In Front Marketing, where we play the game of digital marketing with precision, strategy, and a shared vision of success.

With all pieces in place, we’re ready to navigate through the complex world of digital marketing. Your involvement in this initial phase is crucial for a successful partnership.