Why a focus on data is key for your business and a standard for In Front Marketing.

The importance of data for your business is not a new idea. But it's not just data - it's the right data.

As a business owner what does “clicks” mean to you, and how are you supposed to determine if this has brought any revenue into your business?

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve purchased a display advertising campaign and a large number of impressions from a large corporation or local ad agency. After the campaign your agency has only told you how many “clicks” your ad campaign has received.

As a business owner what does “clicks” mean to you, and how are you supposed to determine if this has brought any revenue into your business?

When business owners ask this question, why is the answer always the same? “that’s just how we do things” or “we don’t have access to any other information”.

How are large corporations and major advertising agencies getting away with providing clients with such an insignificant amount of data and no one is holding them accountable to report more??

So let’s take a look at what happens when you book a Display advertising campaign with In Front Marketing.

First, we uncover data that is unique to your business. We create and install unique tracking codes called website pixels that allow us to compile information on the consumers who are interested in your business.

What behaviors led them to your website?  How is that behavior relevant to other consumers on your website?  What are they doing on your website and what is leading them to purchase or contact your business?

This information is being stored on every device that lands on your website and these website pixels create a pie chart to show you what interested every consumer on your website, and this pie chart is different for each individual product and service on your website.

The best part, this data doesn’t cost you a penny. This is your data, hosted on your website!  You just need a way to connect with it.

After 2 to 4 weeks of data collection, we now have an opportunity to create an ad campaign focussed around your target audience. We work to understand from your perspective, what does the ideal customer coming through the door look like, compare it to the data and strategically create an ad campaign.

Using a display advertising networks, we can now ensure your message is only being “displayed” to consumers who are performing a behavior that is relevant to your business.

They may be shopping with your competition, or doing research on your products, but regardless of how they are spending time online we have an opportunity to invite them to your business and monitor how they engage with you.

So let’s go back to the “clicks” — Did you know that a display ad typically drops a “cookie” onto your computer that is traceable by a website pixel?

This allows us to track consumers who do not click on ads (we are all afraid where the click is going to take us). These consumers see an ad, engage with the message, head straight to google and search for your business. The website pixels allows us to trace the cookie/pixel and determine which ad they saw. This is called a “conversion”.

The website pixel then allows us to determine what they do next.

Let’s say the ”consumer” views 6 pages on your website, placing a product in a shopping cart and then makes a purchase. The pixel stays with them, so we don’t lose them during this process. The pixel then shows us the pages they visited, the total revenue purchased by this consumer and relates that back to the individual ad they saw before coming to your website.

That “click” – it’s pretty insignificant now isn’t it??

With In Front Marketing you not only see “clicks” – You see Behaviors, You see Conversions and consumers who don’t click but still search out your business.  You see a full picture of website engagement, and best of all! You see performance, revenue, and real RESULTS!

Oh, and by the way, the website pixels will stay with a consumer for an average of 30 days once they leave your website. So, if they choose not to purchase or contact you today, but they continue shopping around and engaging with your competition, we stay top of mind with them and continually invite them back to your website. If their behavior changes and they no longer show interest in your products or service, the pixels will stop tracking them ensuring your ads never become annoying or spam!

Want to see real results for your ad campaigns?

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