OSO’s Synergy with Performance-Focused Digital Marketing Strategies

March 25, 2024 Marketing Strategy
OSO’s Synergy with Performance-Focused Digital Marketing Strategies

Organic search optimization and performance marketing, when harmonized effectively, form the backbone of a powerhouse digital strategy that not only enhances brand visibility but also drives tangible results. By doubling down on the synergy between these two pillars, businesses can craft a digital presence that commands attention and applause.

When was the last time your digital marketing strategy gave a standing ovation-worthy performance?

If you can’t remember when, then organic search optimization (OSO) might just be the missing piece in your game plan. 

In digital marketing, achieving optimal performance is key to staying ahead—and OSO offers that performance-focused approach you’re looking for. Being more comprehensive, it goes beyond traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.

Let’s explore how OSO perfectly aligns with performance marketing and brand building. In Front Marketing—a trusted digital marketing agency in Calgary—is here to show you how it can drive exceptional results.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Organic Search Optimization (OSO)?
  2. How OSO Aligns with Performance Marketing and Brand Building 
  3. A Closer Look at Performance Marketing 
  4. Brand Building: OSO’s Synergy with PR, Brand Advertising, and Purchase Intent Rankings
  5. How OSO Helps Brands Navigate the “Messy Middle”
  6. Examples of Traditional Marketing Strategies That OSO Can Replace
  7. The Pros of an OSO-Integrated, Performance-Focused Approach
  8. Achieve Standing-Ovation-Worthy Digital Marketing Performances with In Front Marketing 

What is Organic Search Optimization (OSO)?

Organic search optimization offers a fresh perspective by focusing on increasing a brand’s search share across various platforms.

Share of search refers to the percentage of searches within a specific industry or market that a brand manages to capture. It reflects the level of engagement a brand or campaign achieves with its intended audience.

OSO encompasses creating and optimizing content for organic searches across all search platforms—and not just Google’s search engine. The ultimate goal is to rank high up on classic search engines, like Google, and the search engines of social platforms, like TikTok and Instagram. 

Some of the popular OSO digital marketing techniques include:

  • Keyword research and targeting
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Technical improvements
  • Ensuring relevant and engaging content
  • Building a reputable online presence

So, what sets it apart from SEO services?

SEO often focuses on individual keyword rankings. OSO evaluates the bigger picture by aiming to increase a brand’s share of searches.

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How OSO Aligns with Performance Marketing and Brand Building 

OSO recognizes the symbiotic relationship between performance marketing and brand building. It combines elements of both to create a comprehensive digital strategy that drives extraordinary results.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing focuses on immediate conversions and measurable outcomes. It’s a form of digital marketing wherein brands only pay marketing service providers after their business objectives have been met or when specific actions have been taken. This includes a click, sale, or lead. In a nutshell, it’s performance-based marketing.

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is the process of establishing a strong foundation for long-term success and connections with audiences. From boosting brand awareness through creative content, running ads to promote products, or simply replying to a user’s comment on Instagram, these are just a few examples of ways businesses build their brands over time. 

OSO Integrates Both Approaches

OSO integrates these approaches to optimize the performance of your digital strategy. It does this while strengthening your brand’s presence and reputation.

A Closer Look at Performance Marketing 

Performance marketing is a popular digital strategy that’s taking center stage—think of it as the Swift of the marketing scene. It’s a sold-out success—and clients are loving the results. 

The main focus of this digital strategy is getting specific results or actions from people. It’s all about measuring and tracking how well marketing campaigns are performing. In performance marketing, the success of a campaign is not just based on how many people see an ad. It’s also based on how many people actually take action, like buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

When you work with a leading Calgary marketing agency, you get instant access to the most innovative performance marketing tactics that are tried, tested, and fueled by OSO.   

The Benefits of Leveraging Performance Marketing

  • The data obtained can be used to make changes to achieve even better results for future digital marketing plans. 
  • It helps businesses make smarter decisions about where to spend their marketing budget. 

How Calgary Marketing Experts Execute Performance Marketing

  • Leveraging special tracking codes to see which ads or messages work best
  • Using data analysis to find patterns and trends in customer behaviour

Brand Building: OSO’s Synergy with PR, Brand Advertising, and Purchase Intent Rankings 

OSO acknowledges that increasing your brand’s share of search requires a multifaceted approach. This process can be complex—but if you have a Calgary marketing expert behind you, it becomes a walk in the park. 

As you continuously build your marketing strategy, it’s important to keep in mind how OSO synergizes with various other strategies. 

For example, it embraces the power of PR campaigns and brand advertising to boost visibility and capture audience attention. In addition, it also emphasizes the importance of purchase intent rankings. Through OSO, you can ensure that your brand is well-positioned during critical customer journey stages. 

By integrating OSO with strategies such as PR, brand advertising, and purchase intent rankings, you can boost your brand’s performance and maximize growth opportunities.

What is PR?

Personal relations or PR encompasses the management of relationships between individuals, organizations, and the public. It involves strategic efforts to establish and maintain a positive image. 

This can be achieved through:

  • Media relations
  • Public events
  • Social media engagement
  • Crisis management

The Benefits of PR

  • Improves your brand’s reputation, especially in terms of marketing and communication 
  • Fosters trust
  • Promotes brand awareness
  • Enhances credibility
  • Connects you with target audiences
  • Builds lasting relationships 

What is Brand Advertising?

Brand advertising refers to promotional activities undertaken by a company to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Shape perceptions
  • Establish a distinctive identity for its brand
  • Create a positive image
  • Display brand values
  • Form emotional connections with target audiences 
  • Differentiate brands from competitors
  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Influence consumer behaviour 

Channels like television, print media, online platforms, and social media are typically used to reach a wide audience.

What is Purchase Intent? 

Purchase intent refers to the inclination or likelihood of a consumer to make a purchase. It represents the level of interest a consumer demonstrates in buying a product.

There are various factors that can influence purchase intent, including: 

  • Product quality
  • Price
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer reviews
  • Personal needs

When you team up with a leading Calgary marketing agency, you can count on its experts to analyze purchase intent and achieve the following:

  • Gauge consumer behaviour
  • Understand market demand
  • Target customers with high purchase intent
  • Increase conversion rates and drive sales
  • Tailor your digital strategy accordingly

How OSO Helps Brands Navigate the “Messy Middle”

The truth is that the customer journey is rarely a linear path. Putting your trust in a company and investing in its products isn’t an easy decision to make—and so you can expect consumers to pace around as they contemplate.

OSO helps both consumers and brands navigate the “messy middle” – the stage where customers explore and test various options.

By leveraging OSO techniques, brands can maintain a strong presence during this critical stage and inspire customers to choose their brand over any other. It helps brands stand out in the crowded digital marketplace and drive conversions.

Here’s how you can positively impact the decision-making process of consumers: 

  • Produce engaging content
  • Share relevant information
  • Create compelling calls to action
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Examples of Traditional Marketing Strategies That OSO Can Replace 

OSO continues to revolutionize the marketing landscape as it creates immense opportunities for discoverability. On top of that, it also thrives as an alternative strategy that’s capable of replacing various traditional marketing approaches. Here are some examples:

Print Advertising 

Because of OSO, you don’t have to invest in costly print ads anymore just to increase visibility.  Businesses can redirect resources toward content creation and online advertising platforms, like search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising.

This allows for more precise targeting, real-time analytics, and improved cost-efficiency.

Direct Mail

Rather than relying on physical mail campaigns, businesses can leverage email marketing that leads to increased traffic to their various platforms. This digital strategy offers higher engagement rates and measurable results. Did we also mention it’s more eco-friendly? That’s a double win. 

Cold Calling 

OSO provides more targeted and efficient methods to reach potential customers. By utilizing OSO and content marketing, businesses can attract qualified leads through organic search results. As such, cold calling becomes less necessary—and consumers will warm up to your brand much faster. 

Traditional PR 

Online PR strategies typically include press releases distributed through digital channels. Whether you’re promoting a new product or highlighting an influencer collaboration, this marketing strategy offers a wider reach and immediate impact—minus all the effort of planning those classic in-person PR events. 

In-Person Trade Shows and Webinars

Virtual events continue to gain popularity in markets like Calgary. They enable businesses to showcase products and services to a global audience without the limitations of physical events. Not only do they reduce costs, but they also increase accessibility to your audience and improve attendance rates. 

To improve the online visibility of such events, you can count on Calgary marketing experts to produce digital content that’s paired with top-tier OSO strategies. This way, businesses can:

  • Enhance their online presence
  • Improve traffic to their website and social platforms
  • Reach wider audiences
  • Measure marketing efforts more accurately

The Pros of an OSO-Integrated, Performance-Focused Approach

Opting for an OSO-integrated and performance-focused approach encourages search professionals to:

  • Analyze budgets of their digital strategy more meticulously  
  • Optimize for sales and reach
  • Break down channel barriers and leverage the strength of various social platforms
  • Embrace a holistic perspective
  • Ensures that marketing efforts are coordinated and results-driven
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Achieve Standing-Ovation-Worthy Digital Marketing Performances with In Front Marketing 

OSO continues to revolutionize the digital marketing scene. It encourages an effective performance-focused approach, while perfectly aligning with both performance marketing and brand-building efforts. 

As Calgary’s top digital marketing agency, In Front Marketing specializes in guiding brands to new levels of success in online spaces. 

Reach out to us today to start experiencing standing-ovation-worthy digital marketing performances.  

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If you want to pick someone’s brain for anything from social media to display advertising, pick John's. Today, John’s putting businesses in front of millions of users and he can do the same for your business.


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