Combine SEO & PPC Data for Higher ROI: 10 Examples

February 24, 2023 Marketing Strategy
combine seo & ppc data for higher roi 10 examples

Proven Results: Why Siloed PPC & SEO Strategies Are Costing You Customers. Most searchers experience both PPC and SEO results together, yet most toolsets only focus on one or the other.  This leaves marketers with a fragmented view of the customer experience.  This post includes 10 ideas and instructional videos on how to bridge the […]

Proven Results: Why Siloed PPC & SEO Strategies Are Costing You Customers.

Most searchers experience both PPC and SEO results together, yet most toolsets only focus on one or the other. 

This leaves marketers with a fragmented view of the customer experience. 

This post includes 10 ideas and instructional videos on how to bridge the gap between PPC and SEO strategies.

10 examples of integrated SEO & PPC strategies you can test:

#1 Assist PPC campaigns using People Also Ask

How can we rank in People Also Ask (PAA)? Interesting ask as we know that Google configures their pages based on recent search history. 

The next variable is how valuable and accurate is the content in helping the user. Your audience is looking for value or intent. Guide your customers in this journey with this basic SEO step will also assist with your PPC campaigns. 

Organic content assisting in conversion – all based on organic traffic. 

The key is in keywords. 

#2 Use SEO Strategies To Boost Brand Opportunities 

Attention all SaaS businesses! Are you looking for a way to maximize your paid search efforts? We have a valuable tip for you. 

By inputting your search terms into an SEO tool, you can quickly identify where you’re paying to drive potential customers to a sales-driven landing page, when the search engine has already determined that the support section or login page is the more relevant destination.

At In Front Marketing, we believe in making the most of every opportunity to capture valuable audiences, and we’re excited to share our vision with you. By combining analytics data with this SEO tool, we can further analyze our visitors’ behavior and potentially identify high-value existing customers who frequently visit your support section. 

With this insight, we can offer these VIP customers a quick on-ramp to support, ensuring they receive a seamless and efficient customer service experience.

#3 Optimize PPC Landing Pages: Reduce Query Overload

Are you interested in optimizing your ad final URLs and increasing your website’s visibility on search engines? 

At In Front Marketing, we have a valuable tip for you. By taking your ad final URLs and analyzing the search terms driving traffic to those pages using an SEO tool, you can identify the top-ranking URLs for those keywords.

By doing this, you can showcase how your single page is effectively answering a large number of search queries, potentially up to 50,000, while Google may believe it takes up to 600 pages to address the same set of keywords. 

This can help increase your website’s ranking on search engines and attract more organic traffic to your site.

#4 Unify Your Strategy: Combine PPC & SEO for Local Map Pack

At In Front Marketing, we understand the importance of conducting local keyword research to connect with your target audience. 

In Calgary, we found that customers searching for XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) are interested in specific services, such as full-car coverage and installation options.

Through our analysis of related searches, we discovered that customers in Calgary are searching for “XPEL PPF for full car coverage” and “professional XPEL PPF installation near me”. 

Armed with this knowledge, we can create highly targeted PPC and SEO campaigns that speak directly to the needs of our local customers.

For our clients, we understand the importance of creating targeted ad copy that resonates with your audience. 

By utilizing our powerful tools, you can easily identify regional language changes for related searches, allowing you to adjust your PPC ads for maximum impact. 

For example, for Coeo Healing, we can analyze search trends by location and create targeted ads that speak to the unique needs of each area. 

And for Mountain View Sundecks, we can use this data to craft ads that highlight specific benefits that are important to customers in each region, such as best aluminum  railings in sunnier areas.

 Let us help you create targeted campaigns that drive results.

#5 Boost Conversions: Improve Shopping Feed Images

At In Front Marketing, we’ve discovered a valuable tip for businesses selling hot tubs, like 

When a customer searches for a product and an image pack appears in organic search, it’s a sign that search engines have learned images are the most relevant answer. 

This presents an opportunity to explore what search engines consider the best answer for specific queries, like “beachcomber hot tubs near me.” 

By leveraging this insight, businesses can better optimize their content and improve their search rankings to drive more traffic and sales.

Notice the difference? Google organic knows the images should have hot tubs, yet the paid ads don’t show hot tubs, making the consumer have to “imagine” what these might look like around a hot tub, not to mention 2 of them seem to be light over a dining table.

If you want to start pulling in the image data at scale, you can drop Google’s vision AI results into a Google sheet with this plug-in, and optimize the shopping feed images for hot tubs on

#6 Maximize Your SEO Recommendations with Conversion Propensity and ROI

Gone are the days when we could easily see what our customers were searching for on Google. As a result, SEO teams are finding it harder to justify their ROI. 

But there’s a solution: combine all of your paid search terms and run them through an SEO tool to identify which keywords in your SEO plan are driving actual conversions according to PPC data. 

This approach not only helps you optimize your SEO strategy but also enables you to assign market value to your keyword basket. 

With this data, you can confidently propose investing in updating your SEO content to align with high-converting keywords that you’re already spending money on in Google Ads.

#7 To Bid or Not to Bid on Your Brand: The Impact on Your SEO Traffic

It’s a question that’s been asked for 20 years – should you bid on your brand? Google provides a basic report, but we want more. 

Pausing brand bids can result in a traffic loss, but it’s not always the same. 

The number of page 1 listings and rich snippets can impact the value. Test cutting branded words first to see the impact on your SEO traffic.

#8 Use SEO to optimize your PPC budget and avoid wasted spend

At In Front Marketing, we’ve seen firsthand how important it is to track your PPC data and identify areas where you might be wasting money. 

For example, we worked with a limousine client who was spending a significant amount on a specific keyword that was driving up their CPA. By looking at the rich snippet types in their SEO campaign, we were able to pinpoint when a video appeared and caused the CPA to skyrocket. 

With this information, we were able to adjust their PPC strategy and optimize their budget for better ROI.

#9 Maximize your ROI with data-driven content refreshes

That little publish date on your content can be a goldmine. With Google Analytics 4, we can take that date and use it to identify where our rankings fall behind older content. 

We then analyze all the search terms that old content ranks for, sum up our spend and conversions, and determine the average cost per lead. Armed with this data, we can confidently pitch a content refresh strategy that targets those keywords and outperforms the competition. 

For example, we can identify a competitor with a piece of content that ranks for 50 keywords in the top 5. By analyzing our paid data, we know we spend $40,000 a year on those same keywords, converting 60 times at an average cost per lead of $1,000 (or $60,000). 

A content refresh targeting those keywords could knock out the competition and save us big bucks.

#10 Maximize your YouTube/TikTok ROI by leveraging SEO insights

Are you looking to invest in video content but don’t know where to start? Don’t overlook the role of SEO in your strategy. 

By analyzing SEO data, you can see how much Google is favoring YouTube (or other video platforms) in search results. 

For example, did you know that there was a significant drop in video results in the SERP in November? This trend was observed across all our clients. 

By identifying the root words that trigger YouTube results, you can get a better sense of where Google’s AI is telling it that “Video is a good answer”. Based on this information, you can decide whether to increase or decrease your investments in video content. 

If you notice that Google is showing more video content in the top 3 or 4 results, it may be worth prioritizing your video strategy for better ROI.

Get the most out of your marketing efforts with these four tips for combining PPC and SEO data:

  1. Prioritize your SEO topics by understanding the market value of keywords
  2. Create content that converts by getting conversion propensity insights
  3. Quickly understand audience desire shifts using broad match
  4. Deliver the content your audience wants by learning what type of content they prefer (video, forum, comparison, etc.)

By combining the power of PPC and SEO data, you can make informed decisions that drive results and maximize your return on investment. 

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