IFM’s Top 100 Magazine Feature

The annual IFM Top 100 Magazine is compiled and ranked by the International Federation of Management Consulting Firms to identify the top management consulting firms in the world.

We’re excited to announce we’ve been featured in the Top 100 Magazine in both The Top 100 Canadian Professionals and The Top 40 Under 40.

We’re excited to announce we’ve been featured in the Top 100 Magazine in both The Top 100 Canadian Professionals and The Top 40 Under 40.

We first learned about this months ago but had to keep our lips sealed and wait for the actual magazine to come out. For those who’ve dealt with print magazines, you know this takes a long time – especially for someone used to instantaneous digital ads.

It’s been tough, but finally, we can tell everyone.

This is a great honour for us, and we’re so happy that taking the leap from employee to self-employed to push for a change in the industry has led to this.

From the ground floor to Top 100 in 5 years.

Since we started In Front Marketing in 2015, we knew we wanted to do things differently in the advertising arena. But, we never anticipated the success we’ve seen.

IFM started out as a way for both of us (Dave and John) to do advertising right. After working in the industry for years, we knew the then-current method of asking for money in exchange for a handful of promises and more ‘impressions’ wasn’t going to cut it.

With technology always advancing to gather more information, and our clients pushing for more from their ad-spend, we knew it was time to change. But the corporation didn’t.

That’s why we walked away.

That was a big step. The opportunity was there, but there were no guarantees for success.

Now, just five(ish) years later, we’ve been able to create change in our industry by focusing on data and the return on investment for every campaign and every client. As we’ve gained momentum, we’ve gone from self-employed to employers. This has been an exciting time as we grow to meet the needs of our customers and offer a great place for others with the same drive for excellence to work.

This honour is further vindication for those two guys (that’s us) who stepped out to make a change.

The prestige of the Top 100 Magazine

Read in over 30 countries, Top 100 Magazine publishes a range of career-specific content, highlighting industry leaders, academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, private and public businesses, and social media influencers.

Those featured in the magazine are chosen through nominations or through proprietary software that searches social media, blog posts, peer reviews and Google indices. 

After the first round of nominations, the magazine’s R&D department manually analyzes each candidate to choose the businesses and individuals that will ultimately be featured.

With over 400,000 readers online and another 20,000 in print, this puts IFM, and our unique digital advertising approach, in front (sorry, couldn’t resist) of hundreds of thousands of people, including C-level executives, attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs and academics.

We’re so excited at the chance to introduce our data-driven approach to new clients across the world.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

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