OSO: Increase Share of Search in Long-Term Digital Marketing

October 6, 2023 Marketing Strategy
OSO Increase Share of Search in Long Term Digital Marketing

In the competitive world of online marketing, OSO offers a strategic advantage that transcends quick wins and embraces a long-term approach. Let’s delve deeper into this concept and discover how it can elevate your digital marketing efforts.

The world of digital marketing is dynamic. Staying competitive requires more than traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.

Organic Search Optimization (OSO) offers a fresh perspective. It does this by focusing on increasing a brand’s search share. In this blog post, we’ll explore how OSO prioritizes long-term success. Let’s see why increasing search share is a crucial metric for digital marketers.

Prepare to elevate your digital marketing strategies and seize new opportunities with OSO.

Understanding Share of Search

Share of search refers to the percentage of searches within a specific industry or market a brand captures. It measures how well a brand performs on visibility and reach.

In marketing, “share of reach” is the percentage of the target audience that a marketing campaign or advertisement reaches. The total market size is compared to this. It gauges the level of engagement a brand or campaign achieves with its intended audience.

Share of reach serves as a metric to test the efficacy of marketing efforts. This is in terms of expanding visibility and attracting the desired audience’s attention. By optimizing OSO strategies, businesses aim to enhance their share of reach by improving the following:

  • Providing valuable content
  • Increasing keyword rankings
  • and increasing organic traffic based on search intent.

By focusing on OSO techniques such as:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • and technical improvements

Businesses can optimize their digital presence to maximize their share of reach. This includes:

  • Ensuring relevant and engaging content
  • Implementing effective keyword targeting
  • and building a reputable online presence

Monitoring share of reach metrics enables marketers to assess the success and impact of their SEO strategies. It allows them to refine their approach. It will also increase the brand’s exposure to the intended audience. This drives higher traffic, conversions, and business growth.

SEO often focuses on individual keyword rankings. OSO evaluates the bigger picture by aiming to increase a brand’s share of searches.

Through in-house content creation, analyzing data, and focusing on share of search, we have seen much success with our clients. Calgary is a big city, and there are many competing businesses in similar markets. Understanding this has allowed our clients to gain an edge against their competition.

Regardless of industry, our team can figure out what your marketing plan is missing. From that point on, we can focus our resources on what will best increase your share in the market.

By expanding your presence across relevant search queries, you can gain a larger share of the audience’s attention. This will generate more organic traffic.

What Would a Real-World Example of Share of Search in Digital Marketing Look Like?

An example of share of search in digital marketing can be comparing two competing brands. For instance, let’s consider two popular smartphone brands, Google and Apple.

Our digital marketer would analyze search engine data and search volume trends. We can then determine the share of search for each brand.

Suppose Apple receives 70% of the total search volume related to smartphone queries. Google receives the other 30%. Here we see Brand X has a higher share of search compared to Brand Y.

Understanding the share of search is crucial in this instance. It provides insights into brand visibility and consumer interest. Brands with a higher share of search are more likely to:

  • Attract organic traffic
  • Generate brand awareness
  • and potentially gain a competitive edge

Our digital marketers in Calgary can leverage this information to optimize their SEO strategies. From here, we can identify areas for improvement in your market. We then set resources to increase their brand’s share of search.

We then closely monitor and analyze the share of search metrics over time. With this, we can test the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and track changes in consumer behaviour. We can also help make informed decisions to strengthen the brand’s online presence.

Going Beyond ROI and Short-Term Sales

Traditional SEO often centers around return on investment (ROI) and short-term sales. OSO takes a broader perspective. It recognizes that long-term success requires focusing on increasing the search share.

By investing in various channels, such as:

  • Public relations (PR) campaigns
  • TV ads
  • Content gap reduction strategies
  • and more…

Brands can ensure they reach as many people as possible. OSO is a holistic approach for organic traffic. It positions the brand for sustainable growth and continuous success.

This is why we value our high-quality content creators. In Front has the ability to generate content that not ranks high with SEO, but also appeals to our audiences. These audiences are, of course, real people who desire engaging marketing material.

Addressing the Content Gap

One of the key strategies within OSO is addressing the content gap. This means finding topics and areas where competitors reach more people with their content.

Brands can capture more search share by analyzing the content landscape. With this info, they can create content that fills those gaps.

Addressing the content gap offers significant benefits to businesses. It improves search engine visibility. It fills gaps in the content landscape related to specific topics or keywords. This enables businesses to attract organic traffic and increase their online presence.

Addressing the content gap also enhances brand authority and credibility. It positions businesses as knowledgeable industry leaders. Businesses can engage and educate their target audience by providing valuable and unique content. Building trust and loyalty achieves this.

Additionally, addressing the content gap allows businesses to tap into untapped market segments. This can also lead to expanding their customer base.

Finally, it strengthens the content strategy. This ensures a comprehensive approach that meets the diverse needs of consumers.

This proactive approach helps the brand stay ahead of the competition. It ensures a larger share of the audience’s attention.

Building a Diverse Marketing Mix

OSO goes beyond traditional SEO tactics. It encourages brands to diversify their marketing mix. It recognizes increasing the share of searches requires leveraging various channels and platforms.

This may involve:

  • PR campaigns to boost brand visibility
  • Collaborations with influencers to expand the reach
  • or even paid advertising to complement organic efforts

By using a mix of strategies, brands can optimize their share of search. This establishes a strong digital presence.

Building a diverse marketing mix offers many benefits. It allows businesses to reach a wider audience by leveraging different channels, such as:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • and traditional advertising

This diversification reduces reliance on a single platform. It increases the chances of engaging with various customer segments.

A diverse marketing mix also enhances brand visibility and recognition. It enables businesses to connect with consumers through multiple touchpoints.

Additionally, it helps optimize marketing spend. It does this by identifying the most effective channels for:

  • Driving conversions
  • Maximizing return on investment

Lastly, a diverse marketing mix fosters innovation and adaptability. It enables businesses to stay ahead of competitors and meet evolving customer needs.

This is why we do not specialize in just one form of marketing and advertising at In Front Marketing in Calgary. Our team has expanded to include specialists in the fields of:

  • Content writing
  • Videography
  • Graphic design
  • Data Analytics
  • Sales
  • and much more

Unlock Long-Term Digital Success with In Front Marketing

Increasing search share is vital for long-term success in digital marketing. OSO offers a comprehensive approach to expanding a brand’s visibility and reach.

By understanding the following:

  • The share of search
  • Going beyond ROI and short-term sales
  • Addressing the content gap
  • and building a diverse marketing mix

Brands can elevate their digital marketing strategies and position themselves for sustained growth.

As Calgary’s best digital marketing agency, In Front Marketing is ready to guide you on your OSO journey. Embrace the power of increasing your share of searches. Unlock new opportunities for your brand.

Get in touch with In Front Marketing today and embark on a path to digital marketing success.

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If you want to pick someone’s brain for anything from social media to display advertising, pick John's. Today, John’s putting businesses in front of millions of users and he can do the same for your business.


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