Signs That You Need Help with Your Social Media Marketing

Know the signs that you need help with your social media marketing. With this list, you can verify if you need to hire a social media marketing consultant to help you out.

If you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep up with your social media marketing, it may be time to seek out some help. There are a number of signs that can indicate that you need assistance, such as feeling overwhelmed, not seeing results, or not having enough time to dedicate to social media.

For many brands, social media is an efficient tool that offers countless potential. With this free platform, you can create leads and greatly expand your online presence. According to a recent study from Hootsuite, there was a 21 percent rise in global social media use from January 2016 to January 2017 alone, reaching an astonishing 2.8 billion users worldwide.

However, managing so many social media platforms, accounts, and sites can make it challenging to conduct successful social media marketing. Many social media managers believe they have everything under control, yet they may be making some common mistakes without even realizing it.   

Additionally, learning new things is never-ending with social media, and you must continually adjust to an expanding and changing market. That said, below are a few indications that your social media marketing needs improvement.

1. You Are Still Doing Everything Manually

There is one evident thing when it comes to businesses: the definite value of time. That said, it’s best to avoid wasting time on tasks that can be automated or handled by someone else.

Everyone’s time is wasted if all of your social media activity is planned, implemented, and managed manually. According to Buffer, using a powerful social media management tool like their own may possibly save your company 6 hours every week! It’s safe to assume that you need assistance with your social media marketing if you use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn separately and at various times throughout the day.

In such a case, getting a skilled freelance social media manager to launch your social strategy and editorial calendar might be beneficial.

2. You Get Minimal Results from Your Social Media Efforts

It may be time to conclude that something’s definitely wrong if you’re not getting consistent positive outcomes from your SMM efforts.

The truth is that there are still measurable results to be gained, even though it can be challenging to gauge a post’s commercial effectiveness at times.

If done correctly, your product marketing on social media can be effective. Don’t be shy about posting about your goods and services as long as you link them to an interesting narrative or point of view. As a matter of fact, products were the most engaging content types for the top 200 global companies on Instagram.

Utilizing social conversion monitoring on your eCommerce website allows you to identify the specific source of your paying clients; this gives you the ability to turn social media followers into devoted patrons.

Analyze sales data alongside web and social analytics. Consider your SMM’s commercial results and keep allocating funds to initiatives that increase sales.

3. You Are Lacking in Brand Personality

Seventy-one percent of consumers who had positive social media experiences with a company were more inclined to suggest it to others, according to a study by Ambassador on internet shoppers. Because of the influence of recommendations, it is crucial to establish an engaging and consistent brand personality online.

Your audience will lose interest if they can’t connect with your brand personality. Your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram stories need to have a stronger personal connection with your audience. As such, your social media approach clearly needs some help if your business is coming out as uninteresting.

4. You’re Operating on Too Many Platforms

You need to understand your sector and how various social media platforms cater to various demographics and objectives to conduct an efficient social media campaign

With intelligent store builders that enable you to streamline your eCommerce operations, eCommerce firms can unite all of their sales and social networks under one main dashboard. You may also invest in social management solutions like Hootsuite to unify many channels under one tool.

5. You Usually Ignore the Purpose of Your Platforms

The significance of developing a distinctive strategy and voice for each of your various platforms goes hand in hand with the idea of operating on too many platforms. Sadly, you’re already failing if you’re copying and pasting your Facebook postings from Twitter.

The thing is, different platforms require various personality traits and tones. It’s possible that your devoted Facebook friends prefer not to be addressed in the same way as your Twitter followers.


If you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep up with your social media marketing, it may be time to seek out some help. There are a number of signs that can indicate that you need assistance, such as feeling overwhelmed, not seeing results, or not having enough time to dedicate to social media.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, consider reaching out to a social media marketing expert who can help you get back on track.

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